Officers and Scouters

Officers and Scouters

Sir Otto Jaffe, JP, LLD. (1910-1917); Julia McMordie, CBE, JP, MP (1917-1942);
Harry Keown (1950-1965); Harry Howe (c.1966-1982); John Auld (from 1984)

The Troop with its first President, Sir Otto Jaffe, a Lord Mayor of Belfast and a German Jew who found it necessary  to leave Belfast during World War 1

Group Scoutmasters / Group Scout Leaders
Harry Keown (1928-1950); Harry Howe (1950-1965); David Hutchinson (1965-1982); Harry Diamond (1982-1991); Ian Diamond (1991-2002); John Corry (from 2002)

John Corry, the current Group Scout Leader, at Windsor Castle for the award of the Silver Acorn, 2005

Scoutmasters / Scout Leaders
John Paysden (11th Belfast 1909-1910); Harry Keown (1910-1933); George McFall (Acting 1915-1917); Hugh Anderson (Acting 1917-1919); Sydney Hanna (Jointly 1919-1923); Cyril Bell (1933-1935); Harry Howe (1935-1949); Maurice Barr (1949-1964); Mervyn Thompson (1964-1966); Brian Smith (Acting 1966-1967); Harry Diamond (1967-1975); Mike Loder (1975-1984); Ian Diamond (1984-1990); David Livingston (1990-1992); Mike Loder (1992-1996); Robert McKissick (from 1996)

The Officers at Dundela Villas in 1921.  Standing are CM Dick Tyrrell, SM Harry Keown, and ASM/Treasurer Sydney Hanna.  Seated are ASM George Thompson and Secretary George McFall

Cubmasters / Cub Scout Leaders
Harold Tyrrell (1917-1920); Dick Tyrrell (1920-1926); Walter Scott (1926-1935);
Dick MacKenzie (Acting Cubmaster 1935); Cecil Newman (1935-1940);
Billy Galbraith (1940-1945); John Auld (1945-1954); Harry Diamond (1954-1967); Lexie Kennedy (1967-1971); Bobby McCarley (1971-1974); John Corry (1974-1996); Ian Diamond (Acting 1994); Dougie Black (1996-2000); Elaine Mosgrove (from 2000)

Christmas card to the Cubs from their leaders, 1939

Rover Scout Leaders
William Cameron; George Thompson; Reggie Millar; Brian Miller; Jack Linton;
Ernie Martin; Tommy Bradshaw; Eddie Witherspoon; David Hutchinson

Venture Scout Leaders
Norman Willis; Ronnie Browne; Ken Bailey; Bill McConnell; David Parkhill;
Brian Mallaghan; Declan Mallaghan; Walter Harpur

 VSL Bill McConnell, who was murdered by terrorists in 1984 because of his work as a governor at the Maze Prison

Explorer Scout Leaders
Mike Loder (2002-2007)

Mike Loder, age 18, before the World Jamboree in Greece, 1963.

Beaver Scout Leaders
Joan Hayhurst (1968-1972); L. Guthrie (1972-1974); N. Craig (1974-1977);
Olive Dobson (1977-1979); Josie McMillan (1979-1986); Alison Best (1986-1988);
John Darling (1988-1989); Ruth Noble (1989-1992); Linda McMahon (1992-19xx); Julie Killen (19xx-1996); Elizabeth Whitley (from 1996)

Squirrel Leaders
Linda McMahon (1992); Heather Carlisle (1992-1995);
Roberta Bland (1995-2007);

G. Treanor; L. Kennedy

The Group Committee in 2002

G.T. McFall; R.D. Fitzgerald; W.F. Maitland; G. Creevy; J.F. Auld; M. Barr;
T. Bradshaw; G. Williams; D. Hutchinson; E. Matthews

A.S. Hanna, MBE; F.A. Maitland; R.E. Martin; T.D. Bland